“The doorway

To your creation

Is your wanting.

Desire gave birth

To the world.


Let yourself want my friend,

Each wish is a blessed



Let yourself want my friend,

The Earth longs

To hear your



Let yourself want my friend,

For your yearnings

Are not too big,

Not impossible

In the scope of all

That is.


Let yourself want my friend,

I promise it won’t break you

But bring you closer

To your


Power. ”

-Sefora Janel Ray


Wanting.  Desire.  Longing.  It’s crazy how we can sometimes keep ourselves from really feeling what it is that we want.  I’ve noticed that with a lot of my clients, they are really clear on what upsets them, or what is not working, but they have no idea what they want.  And if they figure out what they want, they are not clear on what that would actually look like.  Knowing what it is that you want, and what that wanting looks like is an essential step to creating a satisfying life.  It is also a really important practice to having happy relationships.  So many couples know what they hate about what their partner is doing, but they haven’t identified what it is they want to experience with their partner.

Why aren’t we clear on what we want?  A lot of us have received messages in our lives that what we want isn’t possible, or that it is selfish to want.  Sometimes we are just in a habit of complaining.  And sometimes we just haven’t created the time to sit down and ask ourselves, “What do I want? What does that look like?”  I think that we often don’t realize the great creative power at our fingertips.  And the doorway of that power is our wanting.

So what is something you are struggling with right now?  What do you want?  What does your heart long for?  And what does that look like?  What does it feel like?

Revel in the power of your wanting!