I once read a book on reincarnation called “Life Between Lives” by Michael Newton.  In general, I have mixed feelings about reincarnation. Sometimes I believe that it is a metaphor for the many lives that we live in one lifetime. A grand description of how over and over again we are offered the chance to start again. For example, I don’t know about you, but my childhood feels like 5 lifetimes ago.  It has a dream quality, like it was lived by me, but it was not me too.

And with each new day, each new moon, each year, each moment, we are given the chance to do things over again.  We are handed millions of chances to start over, do things differently or change.  Change in fact, is the one constant.  It’s one of the things that I love about the Movie Groundhog day.  Bill Murray wakes up with the same day over and over again, and each day he gets to try something entirely new.

Well, regardless of the truths of reincarnation, one of the things that Newton says is that souls that reincarnate to earth consider themselves a kind of warrior.  According to Newton, there are lots of different places that a soul can reincarnate, a lot of those places are much easier than earth.  So those of us that return to Earth, have a certain pride in daring to come back here.  We are “hard-core” souls in a way.  Because, sometimes it can be damn hard on this planet.  Seriously.

Sometimes this idea gives me a lot of comfort. I imagine us getting ready to be born, about to jump into some sort of crazy tunnel.  We turn to a guide or friend and shout “Okay, here I go, back to Earth!”  We dive in, screaming or whooping, ready for our great adventure.

And then….we forget.  We forget that we were warriors, proud of our journey to Earth.  We forget that we came here to grow and be challenged to the fullest, that we chose this life, chose to be here at this time.

Most of all we forget that we are capable, that we can handle and that we are equipped for the journey that we have taken on.

So, here is a little reminder.  Citizens of the Earth, take heart.  Take pride in the great task you have taken on.  You are up for the challenge.  And when you look around at the people you pass by today, imagine that they are also your Earth companions.  That they too dove into the wild adventure of being on this planet.

We are fierce, we are brave, we are citizens of the Earth.