You know you need to make changes in your relationships and you are tired of waisting time.  You are ready to update your relationship map and bust through your upper limit on love. 

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If you found your way to me you have likely already done a lot to understand yourself.  You may have just found out that you have an Anxious or Avoidant Attachment, or maybe you've had a dusty copy of "Attached" sitting on your shelf for a know that there is something going on with your attachment but you don't know exactly what.  Or maybe you just had an "AH HA!" moment discovering attachment styles....

You have come to the right place

Real talk :

It's time you finally got the support you've always wanted, did your relationships way better, or fix that problem relational struggle you've been having for ages! 

But you are left with "NOW WHAT? Can this even be fixed?"


Re-source Yourself



The path to self-realization is a journey of coming home to your true nature.

-Michael Singer

Your attachment Audit

Apply for your Attachment Audit and we will chose a time to begin your audit.

Then we will do a historical attachment inventory.

Here's how we will roll


Then we will do a relationship inventory, with each significant relationship.

We will make a plan to support your attachment healing, helping you to step into secure attachment.



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Attachment inventory

relationship inventory

make a plan 

I will send you some prep work for our session to make the most out of our time.

“I trained and worked with Sefora for a couple of years as her colleague and have no doubt that Sefora is a gifted therapist. She is creative, funny, direct, compassionate and warm. In her couple's work, she really has a intuitive and researched knowledge about how to untangle difficult conflicts, increase intimacy, and help each person feel seen and understood. I highly recommend her!”

For years, I struggled with being in the wrong relationships

For over 2 decades I have studied relationship patterns and templates. Through psychology, coaching, transformational workshops and countless teachers, (not to mention therapy) I tried to figure out why I kept repeating the same patterns in relationships.  It wasn't until I trained as a couples therapist and sat through 100's of sessions with couples that I finally understood how attachment systems work, and what I was doing!!

i can help because i've been there

Secure attachment does not need to be a secret anymore!

I've made it my mission to articulate and show people the ways that attachment wounds keep us from receiving love, creating fulfilling relationships, and being empowered as our true selves.

Attachment Work Can Help:

Address Your Relational Wounds

Emotional wounds are like tumors that create sickness in our psyche.  Luckily, there are ways to release and mend our minds just like our bodies.

Learn to Balance Your Emotions

For some folks, they are able to feel deeply but aren't able to contain their feelings.  For others they need help expressing and acknowledging their emotional world

Get The support you Deserve

Needing support is natural and part of being human. Our culture over emphasizes independence and that can get in the way of us asking for and receiving what we need.

Many people find that learning about attachment theory can bring a lot of relief to relationships. Folks feel less confused about what’s been happening in their relationships, and clearer on what things to work on for themselves. Looking at secure functioning, also creates a clear map for what relationships can be like, and what keeps a relationship strong.

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you're ready for fulfilling and supportive relationships

YOu WANT TO BE MORE confident and balanced emotionally

You're so tired of chasing people to get love

You're overwhelmed making relationships work

You need to finally make time for your mental health

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