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Counseling to Thrive

Wouldn’t it have been amazing if in school we had not only learned math and history but also  relationship and communication skills?  If each year we had progressed our level of communication had gotten better and better?  What if we had also learned how set boundaries and manage our time?  How to manage anxiety and calm our mind?  Unfortunately, most of us didn’t get the benefit of learning these very basic skills growing up. But that doesn’t mean that it’s too late to integrate them into our lives.  It is a privilege for me to spend my time and work teaching and guiding people towards healthy relationships and fulfilling lives.

  • Individual Counseling – helping individuals life fulfilling lives

  • Couples Counseling – Supporting Secure, Interdependent Relationships

  • Purpose – Working with Individuals and Couples towards service and purpose

I offer private therapy sessions which help people shift stuck patterns in their lives and create lasting change. I work with individuals, couples, and young people. This work helps people feel more empowered, relieves anxiety and worry, increases confidence and self esteem, and allows for more fulfilling relationships in order to live life with a sense of peace and joy.

My approach

Therapy with Life Coaching

Therapy that mixes life coaching, bringing the practical to emotional support

Couple’s Counseling

I help couples create secure relationships where they can repair quickly and be feel to each other


I offer sessions over encrypted video for the convenience of your lifestyle


Sometimes the most therapeutic thing to do is to get outside.

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5 Ways to Help Anxious Attachment and Love More Securely

Knowing your attachment style can be incredibly helpful in any relationship, but especially in your romantic ones. Attachment styles are how we learn to relate to the people we care about, formed by how our parents/caregivers treated our emotional and physical well-being when we were young. Anxious attachment is just one of those styles.  If you have an anxious attachment style, you probably learned from aloof or often absent caregivers that to get love, you need to be constantly vigilant, control your environment, and keep others very close to you. When your loved ones leave or need space, you have a strong anxiety reaction and feel abandoned. You tend to take things personally and blame yourself if things go sour. Having an anxious attachment style can be difficult as you’re usually the one reaching out to repair and keep the attachment [...]

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“Sefora was such a blessing to us! We got through so much crap that I’m not sure we could’ve overcame without her help. She is clever, has a good sense of humor, warm, personable, incredibly smart, inquisitive, and has a way of being soothing when a lot of difficult emotions are being brought up, yet encourages you to get words out when it would be easier to sweep them under the rug.”

“My partner and I received a session from Sefora and immediately felt a release of pressure and more clear direction. She is very sweet and unbiased and brings a unique, yet effective method to her work. I highly recommend Sefora as a therapist for couples.”

“I have worked with Sefora several times over the last many years, and have always left the sessions feeling more clear, less stuck, and able to approach my healing with a new perspective.”

“I have been seeing Sefora every week for a year now.  Having seen other life coaches before with limited success, I continued to show up to each appointment with a bit of skepticism.  At every appointment, Sefora demonstrated so many helpful insights into my situation that I was won over repeatedly in this manner for several months before I was “sold.”  I began bringing a notebook to take notes as she spoke so that I wouldn’t miss a thing, while with other coaches in previous years, maybe I would get one or two take home points from the session that barely justified the fee for me.  With Sefora, I honestly feel that I have a brilliant ally who is sincerely dedicated to my progress and well-being.  Sefora really goes above and beyond…I am genuinely moved.  It takes a lot of displays of proof for this skeptic to say such a thing…see for yourself!”

“Sefora is super knowledgable about working with couples.  I really appreciate her energy and passion for her job, and she’s so good at it.  She is very warm, has a sense of humor and really understands the difficult dynamics that couples get in – get stuck in!”

“Sefora has a gentle, nurturing way about her. I always feel safe sharing the intimate details of my life because I trust her to use the inforomation to help me break through to the healing. She encourages me to be honest and courageous which has really made a positive impact on my progress. I really appreciate her holistic approach because it provides space for me to speak freely and not edit myself. I can tell that she genuinely cares about helping me work through my issues so I can create the life of my dreams.”

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