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I offer one on one therapy sessions for people who want to dive in and do the work that it takes to shift old patterns.  Whether that's working through old wounds, learning better boundaries or improving your communication, it is a privilege for me to spend my time and work teaching and guiding people towards healthy relationships and fulfilling lives.


Many people feel societal pressure do be perfect in life and make things happen on their own.  But the truth is that we need support to see the parts of ourselves that we can't address on our own.  

Is it time you finally got the support you've always wanted,  did your relationships way better, or fixed that problem relational struggle you've been having for ages? It's time to make that happen.

You don't have to do it alone.

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Types of Work offered

For those that want to deep dive into relational healing, and who want support to shift old patterns. 

Individual Therapy

 For couples who want to reset their relational patterns, or get support on their path before marriage.

Couple's Therapy

For folks who want support and accountability with dating.

Relationship Coaching

For years, I struggled with being in the wrong relationships

I also had the worst inner critic, and a fair share of self loathing.  Luckily, in the last couple of decades I have learned a fair amount about how to love yourself and how to break unhealthy relationship templates.  I will not pretend with you that I have it all figured out, but I will humbly support you in walking the path together.  Being able to see yourself accurately is hard and having someone you trust to give you feedback about how you are showing up is one of the most valuable things in the world.

i can help because i've been there

Individual Therapy for Attachment

Address Your Relational Wounds

Emotional wounds are like tumors that create sickness in our psyche.  Luckily, there are ways to release and mend our minds just like our bodies.

Learn to Balance Your Emotions

For some folks, they are able to feel deeply but aren't able to contain their feelings.  For others they need help expressing and acknowledging their emotional world

Get The support you Deserve

Needing support is natural and part of being human. Our culture over emphasizes independence and that can get in the way of us asking for and receiving what we need.

I help clients do a full attachment inventory and also a full relationship inventory.


One of the primary things I work with people on are their attachment styles. Whether someone is in a relationship and having a hard time, or whether they are single and wanting to find someone secure, it can be helpful to have someone by your side helping you understand the way that your attachment style affects your interactions.

Many people find that learning about attachment theory can bring a lot of relief to relationships. Folks feel less confused about what’s been happening in their relationships, and clearer on what things to work on for themselves. Looking at secure functioning, also creates a clear map for what relationships can be like, and what keeps a relationship strong.

We work together to identify a clients relational goals and strategize towards those goals. This is where my unique experience working both as a coach and therapist can help clients move forward.

We look at what blocks may be in the way of secure attachment, and do work to heal old wounds that often create templates for unhealthy relationships. In many cases, we will use EMDR to heal old attachment wounds.

We look at secure functioning both in individuals and relationships, and clients learn how to act with more secure behaviors. 

We create practices for secure relating. We spend time individually working on the places where they may be unconsciously sabotaging relationships.

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Couple's Therapy

figuring out how to reconnect

Repair faster, and return to connecting with each other.  Learn to lean towards one another when talking about difficult things.

better communication skills

Giving and receiving feedback is an essential aspect of a healthy relationship.  Learn to talk about difficult topics with ease and support.

Greater empathy

Gain understanding and appreciation for your partner's perspective.

Ongoing couple’s counseling can be incredibly helpful for a relationship. For one thing, we think that our partner should just “know” how to do things the way we want them to. What most people fail to understand is that because we grow up in different environments, it can take practice and work to run a household together. We often need to learn the best ways to speak to our partner about what matters most.

Pre-marital counseling:

It is  possible to have the conflict be an opportunity for growth and for deepening intimacy. You can actually have breakdowns lead to breakthroughs.

Getting married is stressful, but the engagement process is also a great opportunity. During this period of time, it is good to get alignment on many big questions if you haven’t already. Couple’s Counseling is a good platform for tackling these bigger questions together. In some cultures, a wedding is a chance to pass along wisdom and tools for having a successful marriage. Pre-marital counseling can give you strong footing for the future to come.

Get support with

Navigating the pressures of wedding planning

Creating vows which serve as a map for the future of your marriage.

Working through difficult topics to prepare for a life together.

Setting up systems for when things get stressful in the future.

Pre-marital counseling is an opportunity to lay a foundation for your life as a team together. Become experts on each other's nervous systems, on how to be securely attached with each other, and how to keep love flowing through difficulty. 

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“I trained and worked with Sefora for a couple of years as her colleague and have no doubt that Sefora is a gifted therapist. She is creative, funny, direct, compassionate and warm. In her couple's work, she really has a intuitive and researched knowledge about how to untangle difficult conflicts, increase intimacy, and help each person feel seen and understood. I highly recommend her!”

Frequently Asked Questions

What days do you work?

I work Mon-Thurs, from 10:30-4. But I am extremely selective about who I work with these days. Inquire for availability and slots that are open.

Are you open to working nights or weekends?

I occasionally offer VIP weekend day-long intensives for individuals or couples looking to do more extensive work.  

My current rate is $300 for individuals and $350 for couples for a 50 minute session.  If you are looking for a sliding scale rate or something less expensive please see my resources page. 

How much do you charge?

Unfortunately I don’t do insurance at this time (although I can sometimes take flex cards that people use like credit cards, and I can offer super bills if your insurance takes out of network therapists).  

Do you accept Insurance?

Can you meet every other week or once a month?

In the beginning of couples therapy, meeting weekly is a requirement.  If our work has progressed, and it is therapeutically appropriate, different schedules may work.  With individuals working alongside my courses, inquire for more options.

Do you work in person?

At this time I am exclusively working over video over  on an encrypted platform.   

I have worked with Sefora several times over the last many years, and have always left the sessions feeling more clear,

She is clever, has a good sense of humor, warm, personable, incredibly smart, inquisitive, and has a way of being soothing when a lot of difficult emotions are being brought up, yet encourages you to get words out when it would be easier to sweep them under the rug.

I really appreciate her energy and passion for her job, and she’s so good at it. She is very warm, has a sense of humor and really understands the difficult dynamics that couples get stuck in!

Reviews of my work

Sefora is super knowledgable about working with couples.

Sefora was such a blessing to us! We got through so much crap that I’m not sure we could’ve overcame without her help.

less stuck, and able to approach my healing with a new perspective. Her approach is direct and compassionate, and she is highly creative and fun to work with. Her years of counseling training allow her to offer a wide range of therapeutic modalities with ease and curiosity. I would highly recommend Sefora to anyone who is looking for guidance and skilled counseling.

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YOu WANT TO BE MORE confident and balanced emotionally

You're so tired of chasing people to get love

You're overwhelmed making relationships work

You need to finally make time for your mental health

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A 6 week course designed so that you can do the work of shifting your attachment style from anxious to secure.  This course includes educational videos, lead visualizations, homework assignments to support you along the way, and a community of supportive folks working to practice secure attachment.

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Not everyone is the right fit for us.  Let's talk briefly and see if I'm the right person for what you are looking for.  Make sure to go through my Frequently asked questions too before jumping on that call!

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