Are you looking to create the relationship and life that you love?

Do you feel like you give so much that your own needs are not attended to?

Looking for compassionate support to move through blocks in your life?

As women, we can tend to give to others to the expense of our own needs.  We can be riddled with self doubt and anxiety.  We can get stuck in comparing ourselves to the other women around us.  We can long for intimacy, but fear abandonment so much that we stay frozen and along.  We can doubt our own ability, and our own value in the world and therefore limit our own careers and dreams.

As a counselor who integrates coaching, I am passionate about supporting women.  I create a safe place for women to get the attention that they need, in order to create a life that they love.  I help women feel confident in who they are, feel respect and love for themselves.

As a woman, I see how systematic it is that women struggle with prioritizing themselves and their dreams.  I am committed to women valuing themselves, and to helping women get all of what they want out of life.