Sure you can
Complete the hardest problem
In the book
And answer
The trickiest equation.

But can you
Sit with yourself
When you don’t 
Know the answer
And love
Your own company?

Sure you can
Finish all
Of your business
Than the average Jo.

But can you
Feel the awkwardness
Between you an another
When they cry
And not run away?

Sure you can
Make money
In the market
With some clever
New passing phase.

But can you
Be truly kind
To yourself
When you fail
At something
You long to achieve?

You can impress
Me and him, and them over there,
You can make us laugh
And wow us with your charm.

But can you
When faced with your most
Loathing, embarrassing, snotty faced, bare naked self
Be your own best Friend?
Can you speak to yourself
In such a way
That lifts your face to the sky?
That honors your humanity?
Can you bring love and real acceptance
To your most
Vulnerable parts?

Because when you do this
You will know
Deep in your bones
That you
Can truly
Do anything.