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Emdr for attachment healing

EMDR is one of the fastest and most effective therapies for shifting trauma, healing relational wounding, supporting you in internalizing a felt sense of secure attachment, promoting a solid sense of self.

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Attachment Based EMDR Can Help with:

Relational Anxiety

Reducing relational anxiety by addressing the root causes of attachment-related fears and anxieties, EMDR promotes healthier and more secure interpersonal connections.

Establishing Support

EMDR can aid individuals in processing attachment-related issues, making it easier for them to establish and maintain healthy support networks

Self Confidence

Boosting confidence by helping individuals reprocess and reduce the emotional impact of past negative experiences, EMDR leads to a more positive self-perception.


EMDR can help individuals process and heal from traumatic experiences, reducing the impact of distressing memories and symptoms.

Emotional Stability

Promote emotional stability by addressing and resolving past emotional wounds, EMDR enables individuals to better manage their emotions in the present.

Being Secure

EMDR can help individuals feel more secure by resolving attachment-related anxieties and traumas, enabling them to build more secure relationships with themselves and others.

Heart Break

EMDR can assist in healing from heartbreak by addressing the emotional distress and attachment-related issues that often accompany romantic or interpersonal loss.

Stay tuned for some exciting in person retreat opportunities!

do you offer in person retreats?

At this time I am almost exclusively working over video over on an encrypted platform, but I will do intensives in person in Lagunitas, CA.

do you work in person?

Unfortunately I don’t do insurance at this time (although I can sometimes take flex cards that people use like credit cards, and I can offer super bills if your insurance takes out of network therapists).  


I occasionally offer VIP weekend day-long intensives for individuals or couples looking to do more extensive work. 


I work with people either weekly or every other week depending on their goals.  Weekly clients get a decreased rate to support this frequency.


I work Mon-Thurs, from 10:30-4. But I am extremely selective about who I work with these days. Inquire for availability and slots that are open.

What days do you work?



"I have worked with Sefora several times over the last many years, and have always left the sessions feeling more clear, less stuck, and able to approach my healing with a new perspective. Her approach is direct and compassionate, and she is highly creative and fun to work with. Her years of counseling training allow her to offer a wide range of therapeutic modalities with ease and curiosity. I would highly recommend Sefora to anyone who is looking for guidance and skilled counseling.

private client

"Sefora is super knowledgable about working with couples. I really appreciate her energy and passion for her job, and she’s so good at it. She is very warm, has a sense of humor and really understands the difficult dynamics that couples get stuck in!"

private CLIENT

"Sefora was such a blessing to us! We got through so much crap that I’m not sure we could’ve overcame without her help. She is clever, has a good sense of humor, warm, personable, incredibly smart, inquisitive, and has a way of being soothing when a lot of difficult emotions are being brought up, yet encourages you to get words out when it would be easier to sweep them under the rug."

private CLIENT

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