I offer:

  • Phone and online sessions for individuals throughout California.
  • Relationship Coaching World Wide.

My sessions are taylored to you and your life.  They can include:

  • Talk Therapy
  • PACT Therapy for Couples
  • Relationship Coaching for supportive and fulfilling relationships
  • Ecotherapy
  • Life Coaching, Goal Setting, Life Visioning
  • EMDR

We’re Not Just Talking About Your Feelings

I’ve had a lot of clients come to me and say that they have gotten value out of therapy before, but that their experience was often that they would spend a lot of time talking and expressing their feelings and not necessarily getting practical support in shifting their life.  In my practice, I work with various methods that help you embody what is happening now, and where you want to be.  Talking is a part of what we will do, but we will also use other exercises to help you relieve anxiety, gain insight and express your truth.  I also give practical homework that helps bring the work into your life.  My work as a life coach informs our sessions so that they are supportive and growth filled.

I Help People Find Balance and Alignment

There are time in our lives when there can be various parts of ourselves that are at odds with each other.  For example, one part of us might want to work more, and another part of us does not want to work at all.  This could make finding more work very difficult.  I help people align the various parts of themselves so that their wiser self is driving their life.  This brings more balance and sanity.

Who I work with:

I work with individuals, couples, and groups.  I work with people who want to learn how to get unstuck, heal past pain, embody their purpose and live a thriving life.

I have been organizing and facilitating life changing workshops for over 16 years. As a facilitator and teacher, I have worked with thousands of people to shift old patterns, access greater wholeness, and create new ways of relating in the world. My current focus is supporting couples to thrive in their relationships and helping individuals heal and support themselves through ecotherapy.

As a former Challenge Day leader, I traveled across the country helping thousands of teenagers and adults tear down walls of separation, break down oppression, learn conflict resolution, and inspire teens to live in an environment of compassion, acceptance and respect.
In addition to doing psychotherapy, I also worked for years as a Holistic Life Coach, helping people strategize and move towards their life goals.

I received my Masters in Counseling Psychology at Meridian University. I am a level 2 PACT therapist for couples, trained in how psychobiology affects your relationships and how to create secure attachment. I studied using expressive arts and drama therapy at The Living Arts Counseling Center. I create a safe space for growth and reflection, humor and insight in my work with individuals, couples and children.

I am a licensed Marriage Family Therapist, #96387