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The Secrets to Healing anxious Attachment 

"The 4 Step System To Healing So You Can Finally Create Secure & Lasting Relationships”

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The secret to how your anxious attachment sabotages your relationships.

The secret to knowing your value, and what to do when you feel like you are not enough.

The secret to getting the love you want and being met in relationship.

The secret to having more people in your life who can meet you and your needs.

"I thought both Sefora and the course were terrific! The biggest thing I got was learning how to re-source myself and be emotionally healthy/independent; enforcing my boundaries more; listening to my intuition more; and learning about securely attached thinking patterns and behaviors."


"I’ve gotten SO much and I have not even finished the course. I recognize myself over and over again in the materials and zoom conversations and most importantly I hear new ways to approach things that I had never considered."


This course was wonderful! It has made me not feel alone and given me strength and confidence and who I am as well as learning how I can grow. I have felt very supported and safe."

-Private client

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