Getting married is stressful, but the engagement process is also a great opportunity. During this period of time, it is good to get alignment on many big questions if you haven’t already. Couple’s Counseling is a good platform for tackling these bigger questions together. In some cultures, a wedding is a chance to pass along wisdom and tools for having a successful marriage. Pre-marital counseling can give you strong footing for the future to come.

For premarital counseling two options are available:

  1. The first option is if you want support preparing for your actual wedding ceremony and for leading up to get being married. In this option I offer three sessions that are focused towards A) Creating your vows B)Looking at how you can best support each other and be a team in your life together, And C) One area in which you are wanting to get more support around.  This option can also be supported with wedding officiating, which is a larger package.
  2. The second option is if you are stuck around a particular topic with your partner and you need to support moving forward in preparation for your wedding.  In this option we will do at least three sessions focusing on that area of your relationship to support you and create the best foundation for your future.

In both options we will look at  how you become experts on one another’s nervous systems & creating a strong foundation for the future. More sessions may be added if necessary.