Couples intensives are for couples who either have full schedules and are having a hard time prioritizing counseling or they are at a point in their relationship where they could benefit from a deeper dive into reviving their relationship.  Intensives vary from 3-6 hours, and can be offered on various days depending on the week.

The intensives are for couples looking to dive more deeply into their work with one another. This time allows couples to learn new strategies for communication so that you are able to both listen and feel heard by your partner without having to rush. We will unpack the strategies you are using to be connected to your partner and how those strategies may or may not be working.  The intensives allow you and your partner to go beyond the surface level of the issue at hand. In doing so, you are able to step out of your experience of the situation and create totally new ways of relating to your partner and the relationship.

Areas that can be covered in Couple’s Intensives:

  • How you reconnect with your partner after conflict
  • Strategies to repair
  • How to work as a team
  • How to get your needs met without being critical of your partner
  • How to understand how you and your partner regulate your nervous systems
  • How to assume the best of your partner