One of the primary things I work with people on are their attachment styles. Whether someone is in a relationship and having a hard time, or whether they are single and wanting to find someone secure to be with, it can be helpful to have someone by your side helping you understand the way that your attachment style affects your interactions.

I help clients do a full attachment inventory and also a full relationship inventory.  We work together to identify a clients relational goals and strategize towards those goals.  This is where my unique experience working both as a coach and therapist can help clients move forward.

For some people who are single, this also includes helping them with dating, with outlining their red flags, their values and what to expect from a secure relationship.

We look at what blocks may be in the way of secure attachment, and do work to heal old wounds that often create templates for unhealthy relationships.  In many cases, we will use EMDR to heal old attachment wounds.

We look at secure functioning both in individuals and relationships, and clients learn how to act with more secure behaviors.

I help people look at unhealthy patterns that they have learned from their parents that create conflict or amplify friction in a relationship.I also help people differentiate what aspects of passed relationships is theirs to work on, and what was not theirs.

With folks who are currently in a relationship, I help them practice secure relating with their partner.  We spend time individually working on the places where they may be unconsciously sabotaging the relationship.


Many people find that learning about attachment theory can bring a lot of relief to relationships.  Folks feel less confused about what’s been happening in their relationships, and clearer on what things to work on for themselves.  Looking at secure functioning, also creates a clear map for what relationships can be like, and what keeps a relationship strong.