Ready for your relationships to change?

From Anxious 
to Secure

Imagine having all the closeness in relationship you could want.  Your partner communicates what's going on for them, and knows how to listen and support you.  You feel met, cared for and that you have a true match to live life with. 

For years I struggled with dating unavailable men.  I knew that my childhood had influenced my romantic life, and I did tons of therapy and personal growth to try to change my attachment style.  I learned the pitfalls and behaviors that keep relationships toxic and insecure. Most importantly, I learned proactive things people with insecure attachments can do to create secure relationships.

Any of this sound familiar?


Are you plagued with being ghosted, dating people emotionally unavailable or who just don't want a committed relationship? Or maybe you are married to someone who can't be present to you emotionally.

You are a giver, but it's rare for someone to show up for you like you show up for them.  You want to be able to express all the love in your heart and have it returned.

You notice when things are disconnected, or when your relationship needs to be tended to, but your partner is out to lunch. It seems like you are always the one bringing up hard topics or trying to talk about meaningful things.  You are the one doing all the emotional work.

giving way more than you are getting

You're doing all the emotional labor in relationships





you are sensitive to being abandoned

Look, you have been let down way too many times.  It can be hard to trust that someone will be there for you.  Maybe you get jealous easily, or have fear that someone will break up with you.  You may also be overly sensitive to taking time away from your partner.


Sefora's expertise helped make this work not only interesting but also highly effective. I walked away from this course knowing more about myself and feeling prepared for a new, more intentional relationship.

Over the time of the course, I turned to the tools (resourcing) to help with regulation, and the map visioning exercise helped me call in a new relationship right as the course ended. And they meet all of the values I wanted in a new partner

Sefora's energy is inviting and inclusive, helping me feel comfortable and supported at every step. This course also has many resources that I will continue to use and review to keep my relationship strong and secure. I feel that this course helped me integrate lessons easily and I feel far less anxious - and when I am anxious, I know where it's coming from and what I can do. "

what's been said:

It's it time you finally had boundaries, had more self compassion, and stopped dating emotionally unavailable people? I know how to make that happen.

You don't have to do it alone.

real talk:

Sometimes it can feel like it's groundhog day and you are stuck creating the same wrong relationship over and over again. You may not believe that there are truly wonderful people out there anymore.  You may have also tried everything you know to do.


From Anxious to Secure

A 6 week course designed so that you can do the work of shifting your attachment style from anxious to secure.  Attachment styles are not permanent.  They are permeable and can shift depending on who we are in relationship and how we go about relating.  In this course, I will show you how to change your relational template and reclaim your power to create fulfilling relationships!

In this course, you will understand the formation of your relationship attachment, and you will learn a ton about how Anxious Attachment shows up in your relationships now.  You will also learn about avoidant attachment and the anxious/avoidant dance.  But probably most importantly, you will learn about Secure Attachment, and what it looks and feels like, so that you can embody it, and seek it out in others.

Self Knowledge

Here are the 5 parts in this course that shift your relationships from struggle to ease and joy

Let's break it down


There are behavioral patterns from an Anxious attachment that sabotage relationships.  In this course you will learn about the 12 pitfall parts that are specific to anxious attachment.  This is what in the psychology world we would call "shadow work".  What does that mean? Well unfortunately you are ******* shit up.  You are creating patterns in relationship that you don't want, and these pitfall parts are unconsciously in the drivers seat.   You end up creating the same unhealthy relationships over and over again.

In this course, you will learn who these pitfalls are and step into healthy, secure ways of being which allows you to step out of the struggle and step into powerful love.

Your Pitfall Parts

Part 2

When you are anxiously attached, it feels like there is not enough.  Not enough support, not enough resources, not enough love, not enough help, not enough time...and on and on.  If you are reading this, you know that this is not how you want to live, and you may even know already that something else is possible for you.  This course is jam packed with practices and exercises to source support for yourself.  This will help your nervous system and get you out of fight or flight, out of the struggle and into an experience of feeling supported.

Re-Sourcing, coming back to who you are and what's possible

part 3

In order to not re-create the same patterns in relationship over and over, we have to know where we are going.  In this course you will get a clear picture of what secure relationships are, which will help you recognize them and attract them.  If you are in a committed relationship already, you will create practices of secure relating, and practice how to shift your own being so that you are being the person you want to be in relationship.  If you are single, you will create a crystal clear vision on what you are creating in relationship.  Then you will do practices to to bring that vision into your life.

Creating a clear vision to step into

part 4

part 5

A New Experience of Love and Life

Anxious-Attachment effects every area of your life.  When you have shifts in your attachment style you open yourself to whole new way of living and relating.  This course breaks down how you can shift HOW YOU ARE BEING in relationship, and gives you tools to experience relationships from a new place of connection and joy.

How does this sound?

the Results you will get

A clear understanding of how your attachment was formed and why you are experiencing the same pattern over and over.


The ability to interrupt and change self sabotaging behavior.


Feeling support, relief, and that you have all the help you need.


Being Empowered to create the relationships you want, and knowing HOW TO DO IT


Experiencing life as an amazing place where you get to experience your dreams come alive.


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How It Works

6 Weeks of 16+ video lessons that help you learn how to shift your patterns

Weekly video lessons

Weekly  homework to integrate the lessons and move the work forward.

homework to integrate

Live group coaching calls with Sefora to get support with your process.

Monthly live coaching calls

“I have worked with Sefora several times over the last many years, and have always left the sessions feeling more clear, less stuck, and able to approach my healing with a new perspective.”

So lets get started!

A year from now,
you will wish you started today...

I have worked with Sefora several times over the last many years, and have always left the sessions feeling more clear,

She is clever, has a good sense of humor, warm, personable, incredibly smart, inquisitive, and has a way of being soothing when a lot of difficult emotions are being brought up, yet encourages you to get words out when it would be easier to sweep them under the rug.

I really appreciate her energy and passion for her job, and she’s so good at it. She is very warm, has a sense of humor and really understands the difficult dynamics that couples get stuck in!

Reviews of my work

Sefora is super knowledgable about working with couples.

Sefora was such a blessing to us! We got through so much crap that I’m not sure we could’ve overcame without her help.

less stuck, and able to approach my healing with a new perspective. Her approach is direct and compassionate, and she is highly creative and fun to work with. Her years of counseling training allow her to offer a wide range of therapeutic modalities with ease and curiosity. I would highly recommend Sefora to anyone who is looking for guidance and skilled counseling.

You're in the right place.

I was able to shift my attachment style and get into a secure relationship with a fantastic partner who was emotionally available and wanted a committed, connected relationship.  I happy to share EVERYTHING I learned that made a difference. Attachment styles are changeable, and there are things you can do. 

You're more amazing and lovable than you think you are. But if you're anything like me, you need help to get your relationships to reflect that. You just want someone to tell you what to do to get into those relationships.

"There are so many things
that we wish we had done yesterday,so few that we feel like doing today."

-Mignon McLaughlin

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Know exactly what you need in relationship to feel supported and loved

Experience life with wonder and awe, wisdom and possibility

Come back to your power to create the relationships you have always wanted.

By the end of this course you will...

Understand why you keep creating the wrong relationship patterns

Have practiced and articulated your boundaries

Understand Secure Functioning relationships and how to recognize them.

“Sefora's approach is direct and compassionate, and she is highly creative and fun to work with.”

I'm Sefora, your new get-a-grip relationship coach.

I have been a transformational leader and coach for over 20 years.  I received my Masters in Counseling Psychology at Meridian University, and have over 10,000 hour of training and work with individuals and couples as a therapist.   I am a level 2 PACT therapist for couples, trained in how psychobiology affects your relationships and how to create secure attachment. I am also trained in Attachment Focused EMDR. 

Hey there!

I studied attachment work for 2 decades both personally and professionally.  Changing your attachment style is possible.  I'll be honest, it takes grit! But there are things that most people can learn that can improve their attachment in relationships. In my individual sessions and classes I create a safe space for growth and reflection, humor and insight, but not always in that order.

I am a licensed Marriage Family Therapist, #96387 

I understand how hard it can be 

I was in therapy and doing personal growth for years, I spent so much time feeling all of my feelings and grief about how my parents had been unavailable. But I was still attracted to and drawn to all the wrong men. I would start out relationships hopeful, thinking maybe this person is different, and then they were unavailable. 

Things finally changed for me: I studied attachment  working with couples in PACT, which is a form or couples therapy. I was finally able to see the very specific things that I was doing to sabotage myself. I also did  EMDR, which solidified the positive beliefs I wanted to have. Then I added in what I know about transformation, and being the cause in my life.  I was able to manifest the most amazing partner who is beyond an incredible human being.  But for those of you who are in long term relationships, you know that the story does not just stop there.  What I learned was how to continue to create connection and joy and secure attachment with my partner through out our lives together.

There were years when I only dated unavailable people and experienced relationships as a struggle. Don’t make the same mistake I made, hoping that at some point things would just change on their own!  You are an incredible person, and you deserve to be in relationships where you are seen and met.  Where things are joyous and flow.  There are things you can do. 

You don't have to be "SPECIAL" to be loved. But you Do need to know how to be secure in relationships, and how to create and source love.

but it wasn't always this way 

Participation in this course includes a group community page where you can ask questions and share insights.  In addition, once a month I will do a group call for this course. Plus you will have the recordings of all of our previous coaching calls.  One of the amazing things about healing is that you can actually heal through watching others heal.   In the live group coaching, I will answer questions and give coaching to 1-4 people depending on the time.  This is a safe place where everyone is working on their own self-love journey.

Most students find it powerful to learn that others are having similar struggles and hear the creative ways they are showing up for themselves amongst the chaos of their lives.

We can’t wait to connect and grow with you!

Get live support.

Group Coaching

Feeling helpless about changing your relationships can be horrible.  This course will support you with weekly assignments to put what you are learning into action.  Go at your own pace, and download them so you can dive deeper when the time permits.

weekly homework to make progress.

Practical assignments

year long access to your material

connect in community

direct access to your coach

go at your own pace

Many books will explain the origin of someone becoming anxiously attached, but they don't show HOW the person recreates this attachment over and over.  There are very clear things you can do to change how you related in relationship. Shifting your attachment style, your relationship template, shifts your entire life.


This program shows you the          of changing your attachment style

If you want THIS to be the year that you *finally* commit to:

Reclaiming your power to create fulfilling relationships

Attracting people who are good at being connected and supportive.

Create practices to balance your emotions and feel grounded in life.

Heal old wounds and stop them from sabotaging relationships. 

Hold strong and healthy boundaries.

Connect back to who you really are, and know how to source love over and over again.

Try My Program for 14 days. Get your money back if it didn’t serve you.

If you start my program and within 14 days you are dissatisfied you are eligible for a refund, no questions asked.

Money Back Guarantee

This       for you if:

It's probably        for you if...



YOU'RE OVERWHELMED BY THIS thinking about your past

YOU'RE not willing to do the 6 weeks of work

You are not sure if you are anxiously attached

YOU'RE motivated to create change

YOU enjoy getting clear practices for integration

YOU are coachable and want support

So lets get started!

A year from now,
you will wish you started today...

Frequently Asked Questions

Are my results guaranteed?

Like anything in life, you will get out of this masterclass what you put into it. While we do offer a 14-day money-back guarantee, the results you get are up to you. We can promise that if you commit to the process and put in the work, you will see results.

Can i share this course with a friend?

The insights you learn will definitely be share-worthy, but the activities in each class are tailored for the individuals in that specific group. In order for your friends to get the best results, we recommend they sign up to take the masterclass themselves.

Yes! For a limited time, I am offering a refund of $200 if you have a friend sign up! This means you could actually do the course for free if you and 2 friends join together.

Do you have any incentives if I refer a friend?

I want your experience to be interactive and personal, so we limit each group to a maximum of 20 participants. This gives you plenty of opportunities to ask questions and interact with one another.

How many people will be in each group coaching session?

how long can i access the course online

You will have a year to access to all sessions following the completion of the course.

how is this different from group Therapy?

Coaching is meant to support people who are able to be proactive for themselves.  It is goal oriented and focused on practical steps and homework.  In the group calls you will have the opportunity to have direct advice and feedback on how you are showing up with your attachment style.

Still on the fence?

I completely understand.  Time and money are spent wisely.  Just know I am in your court, I believe in you, and I know you can create what you want in relationship.

Shoot me an email if you have questions