Therapy for Couples

Being in a relationship can be very difficult.  It can also be one of the most rewarding aspects of your life.  Many couples are isolated and wait until the relationship is in dire straights before reaching out to get support.  But there are some really basic tools that can make being in relationship so easy.

Your relationship can thrive!

Couple’s therapy can be incredibly supportive.  Take the time to give your relationship the tools that it needs to be successful!

Different ways Couple’s Counseling can support you:

Pre-Marital Support

Getting married is stressful, but the engagement process is also a great opportunity. During this period of time, it is good to get alignment on many big questions if you haven’t already. Couple’s Counseling is a good platform for tackling these bigger questions together. In some cultures, a wedding is a chance to pass along wisdom and tools for having a successful marriage. Pre-marital counseling can give you strong footing for the future to come.

Communication skills:

In some ways, it is a tragedy that we don’t learn more interpersonal skills when we are in school.  Many people are terrified of conflict and do everything they can to avoid it.  Then when they do fight, couples will have huge explosions that take a long time to recover from.  One of the things benefits of Couple’s Counseling is being able to recover more quickly from conflict.  It is also possible to have the conflict be an opportunity for growth and for deepening intimacy.  You can actually have breakdowns lead to breakthroughs

Greater capacity to empathize with your partner’s experience:

Having a long and successful relationship is oftten reliant on being able to empathize with our partner. But sometimes we are frozen with the need to be understood ourselves. We are dying to have our partner listen and relate to our experience. Being able to step out of your experience and empathize with your partner is essential in creating ease for couples.