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I offer private therapy sessions which help people shift stuck patterns in their lives and create lasting change. I work with individuals, couples, and young people.   This work helps people feel more empowered, relieves anxiety and worry, increases confidence and self esteem, and allows for more fulfilling relationships in order to live life with a sense of peace and joy.

Concerns and Fears about Therapy:

People are afraid of coming to therapy for a lot of reasons.  They think that they might spend a lot of money and not get any substantial results.  They might fear that they might talk a lot about their childhood and not have any changes in their current life.  Maybe they are afraid that they won’t get any practical help.   Maybe they are afraid that the therapist will just tell them that there is something wrong with them, and that that they will be “shrinked”.  They might fear that they will be judged and misunderstood.  Sometimes people are concerned that they will just sit and talk the whole time, and not do anything experiential. Lastly sometimes people fear that therapy will be only about “feelings”.  If a parent is looking for a therapist for their child, they might be afraid that the therapist won’t be able to relate to their child, or afraid about how safe their child will feel.

These are all really valid fears.  I work with clients so that they are comfortable and feel truly accepted when they are with me.  We look at life blocks and patterns that are at play in such a way that my clients have practical steps they can do to create change.  I work with my clients in a flexible manner so that they get the most value out of our sessions.  I make sure that the investment that clients make in our sessions has important value and impact in their daily lives.

What You Can Get out of Therapy:

One of the most consistent and immediate experiences that most clients have from therapy is a feeling of huge relief.  Like their life is manageable again.  My clients know that someone is looking out for them, and that they are not alone anymore.  They also have less anxiety and are more equipped to stay calm and grounded through difficulty.   They are able to see and understand the blocks that have limited them in the past and build different skills that help them get more of what they want out of life.  My clients prioritize their self care, and generally live a more balanced life.  They have stronger confidence, self worth and self esteem.  My clients are able to be much more accepting of themselves.  They feel more empowered and are even able to laugh at obstacles and difficulties as they come up!

How I Work:

I create a safe space for exploration and growth.  With a wide range of experiences to draw upon, we will work together to create a process that works best for you.  My work is holistic, including all aspects of your life.  We will draw upon creativity and play to learn and grow.  We will create practical exercises that will bring this work into your life so that it creates practical change.  I offer sessions at an affordable rate that works within people’s budgets.

Working at the Living Arts Counseling Center, my work is interactive and integrates  talk therapy, coaching, movement, drama therapy, expressive arts, role playing, the Work That Reconnects, somatic and creative exercises.

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